Large Cap Growth

Leveraging GROWTH and QUALITY


  • Founded in 1983
  • Consistent application of our investment style and process
  • Seasoned investment team
  • Assets under management $744 million


Over the long term, earnings growth is the primary driver of total shareholder returns. We manage your portfolio as a single diversified growth company producing an underlying portfolio earnings growth rate of at least 12% and translating that into strong secular absolute and relative returns.

  • We manage the portfolio as if it were a single, diversified growth company.
  • Duration and growth are preeminent.
  • Opportunity for growth determines decisions, not benchmark.

Investment Disciplines

Identifying companies sustaining a minimum 12% secular earnings growth. Characteristics include:

  1. High unit volume growth - the ultimate litmus test
    • Recurring revenue streams
    • Network effects
    • Organic growth
    • Large addressable markets
  2. Sustainable competitive advantages
  3. Substantial ability and opportunity for reinvestment
  4. Cultures and incentives for growth and innovation